Improving Your Credit Score. Why Should You Care.

With over 23 years of real estate knowledge.

So maybe at this time you are not looking to purchase a home. Does that mean you should not care about what your credit report says or what your score is? No, there are still many reasons and huge benefits to a higher credit score. Consider some of these. If you plan on renting, a low credit score can be used to turn you down for that perfect place or cost you more of a first and last and monthly fee, since you will be considered a higher risk. Getting a credit card or other lines of credit will be more difficult and yes, you will pay a higher interest rate. Even your auto insurance can cost you more because of a lower score.

So add all these ways a low score impact you financially with higher monthly payments and consider what type of monthly raise you could be giving yourself just by taking some easy steps in raising your credit score.

Please do not pass up the opportunity to at least making an inquiry to see if this will work for you. If you were a business you would. A business takes full advantage of the opportunities all the time to increase their bottom line and improve the cash flow. That’s what separates corporations from working class people. So be smart, make an inquiry. Call me.


Please fell free to contact me with any of your real estate or credit improvement questions at anytime.